RUSTIC NUTS House made savory and sweet mix of walnuts and pecans

ITALIAN OLIVE MIX Italian olive varietals marinated with aromatic herbs, garlic and sweet peppers

SNACK TRIO Sample the above two tastes and local gourmet chip company truffle herb chips for a delightful savory snack

DIP TRIP Delish combo of our house made pimento cheese, sundried tomato pesto, and savory garlic and herb cheese spread, served with city bakery ciabatta and kettle chips to scoop up the goodness


A hearty snack for one, or a lite bite to share with another

A WHOLE LOTTA BURRATA Soft & chewy fresh mozzarella wrapped around a creamy center with roasted tomatoes, house made pesto, and a red wine/balsamic reduction. pile it all on a piece of city bakery ciabatta and it really doesn't get much better than that

THE SOUTHERN Channel your inner southerner with our house made smoky pimento cheese paired with uncured ham, sweet and slightly spicy pepper jelly with chips and ciabatta as your vehicle

FRENCH COUNTRYSIDE Feel the charm of the French countryside with this oozy baked french brie wedge topped with house made seasonal fruit compote, chopped rustic nuts and served with city bakery ciabatta to catch all the goodness

PLOUGHMAN'S Keep it simple and satisfy the hangrys with New York beecher's 15 month aged artisan cheddar with local hickory nut gap sweet sopressata, fruit, honey, and city bakery ciabatta


CHOCOLATE RHUMORS (gf) Indulge with local Rhu’s chocolate cookie bites served with a side of oh so creamy mascarpone cheese and our house made red wine raspberry sauce

LAVENDER FIELDS Honey lavender cake with a dollop of lemon curd and topped with mascarpone honey cream, tastes like summer


SIMPLY FROMAGE A selection of four local, regional and international cheeses paired with accoutrements like our rustic nuts, jams, and honey, along with ciabatta and crackers

FROMAGE AND CHARCUTERIE A selection of two cheeses and three meats parried with accoutrements like our rustic nuts, olives, roasted tomato bruschetta, and jam along with ciabatta, crackers and truffle herb potato chips


Looking Glass Creamery

Three Graces Dairy

Yellow Branch Cheese

Round Mountain Creamer

Hickory Nut Gap Farm

Gluten free and vegan options available!